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I understand that families today lead busy lives and have many commitments outside of school.  Therefore, homework is carefully and thoughtfully assigned so that students receive more practice and reinforcement of concepts and skills presented in the classroom each day.  It also prepares students for upcoming lessons, helps them develop positive study skills, and teaches them responsibility and time management skills.  Homework assignments will be found on the right side of your student’s green homework folder.

Daily homework consists of the following:

  • At least 20 minutes of reading

  • 5 minutes of rocket math (math facts) practice

  • Math packet – 4 pages (4th page is a challenge page & optional). Sent home every Friday and due the following Friday. This packet reviews concepts we have learned throughout the year.

~500 Club~

Reading is a very important part of your child’s daily homework.  He/She should read a MINIMUM of 20 minutes each night.  This can be silent reading, or reading aloud to an adult or sibling.  Please fill out (or have your child fill out) the Reading Log (attached to the front of the homework packet) each night and sign your initials in the space provided so I know the minutes recorded are accurate. As a special reward, I have created the 500 Club.  At the end of each month, I will calculate the number of minutes on the Reading Log.  Those students that read 500 minutes (or more) in one month will get a lunchtime reward.

~Parent’s Homework Responsibilities~

Parents are the key to making homework a positive experience for their children.  As a parent, you can help your child be successful by making homework a top priority, providing necessary supplies and a quiet homework environment, setting a daily homework time, providing praise and support, not letting your child avoid doing homework, and contacting me if you notice a problem.   Inside the homework folder is a Homework Checklist. Please use this if you like to help keep track of daily homework – just check of items as they are completed.   If your child has attempted a homework assignment and is having trouble completing it, please sign the worksheet at the top and I will work with your child to understand the assignment the following day.  Homework that is missing or incomplete will need to be made up.

Important communication will be sent home on the left side of the homework folder.  Typically these are printed on bright colored paper so they are easily noticeable.  Please keep an eye out for these as they may require information from you, approval to participate in school activities, or notes about your child’s behavior in class.

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