GIZMO Museum 2013

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This year’s GIZMO Museum will be on Thursday, March 7, 2013. For more information, see the GIZMO Project menu and tabs on this blog. To schedule a time to bring your class to visit the GIZMO Museum on March 7th, email me at erik.kenner@district6.org


GIZMO Project 2011

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March 29th is the LAUNCH DAY for the 2011 GIZMO Project. Exhibition day is scheduled for Thursday, May 19. Use the drop-down menu at the top of this blog to view important GIZMO handouts.



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We have a new science elective here at CAHPS – FORENSIC SCIENCE!! Please use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to examine the class syllabus, calendar, and standards list. Also, I made another drop-down menu for our first case/crime scene analysis. Check out the case intro, suspect profiles, exhibits, and more.


GIZMO Project a great success!!

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Hello all,

I just wanted to express my thanks to everyone who made the GIZMO Project a great success. The students overwhelmingly enjoyed the project (including the 90 elementary students from Jewett Elementary and 20 SPED students from Crater High who came to visit the GIZMO museum on May 15th). The 9th grade science students¬† felt that it was interesting, worthwhile, hands-on, built teamwork, and provided them with skills that they will use later in life (just to mention a few). I noticed that many “underachievers” really blossomed in the atmosphere that was created by the project. Personally, it gave me an opportunity to meet many new people in the community.

This kind of success makes me proud to be an educator and is only possible when we all come together for the sake of our kids. Thank you for your support and I look forward to building on what we have created in the years to come.

Erik Kenner
CAHPS Science



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The CAHPS freshmen would like to invite you to visit our GIZMO exhibition on Friday, May 15th between the hours of 10-3:30. For the last few weeks, we have been creating hands-on science toys and will be exhibiting them at the Head Start building on the Crater High School campus. Come shoot the air cannon, take a ride on the hovercraft, or slip into the body bubble. It’s fun AND it’s learning. Walk-ins are welcome. Classes can be accomodated by appointment (email erik.kenner@district6.org).


Click on “GIZMO Project Handouts”

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You can see the GIZMO Project handouts as of 4-20-09 by clicking on the icon at the top of this page.


Email me at erik.kenner@district6.org

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