Emancipation, the 54th Massachusetts, the end of the war and Reconstruction
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We will discuss the importance of the Emancipation Proclamation and the creation of Colored Troops to fight in the Civil  War.  We will watch the “True Story of Glory” video.  We will discuss the aftermath of the war and the years of Reconstruction.

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Soldier’s Heart
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Student will be reading Soldier’s Heart by Gary Paulsen.  We will read the novel in small sections and have tasks to complete with each section.  Throughout the novel, students will be keeping track of the places our main character travels to, and the other places he mentions.  Students will make a map of these places.  Through this novel students will learn about various battles from the Civil War, and about the lives of young men who served in the war.

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Bleeding Kansas – John Brown
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We will discuss “Bleeding Kansas” and read about John Brown’s attack on Harper’s Ferry.  Students will formulate an opinion of John Brown and support their opinion in a paragraph.

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Slavery Novel
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For this unit, students will be choosing novels to read from a specific list of choices.  We will have class discussions and assignments to go along with the novels and the history of the time period.

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