2017-2018 Crater FFA Calendar

(Dates and times may change, so check back often!)

September 2017

9th- Gather corn stalks, 9am (ask advisor for meeting place)

14th- Harvest Fair set-up, 5:30pm Compton Indoor Arena

15th-17th- Harvest Fair Silent Auction, Heifer and Steer Auction (check Expo website for auction  times

26th- Greenhand Conference, Trail Christian Church, Leave at 9:30am from Ag Lab, return 3:45pm

27th- Ag Appreciation Night (Advisor’s only)

October 2017

3rd-  FFA Meeting Welcome Back BBQ, 6pm Aglab

4th- District Soil Judging @ Hidden Valley, contest starts at 9:30am registration, leave time TBA

12th-13th- Fall OATA Conference (Advisor’s only)

13th- 1/2 Hog Raffle @ home Football Game, 6pm (Football Stadium)

13th- No School Day

14th- Western Fall Classic Livestock Judging Contest, Expo Isola Arena, 7:45am

16th- State Soil Judging, Elkton @ 10am, Lv. time TBA

22nd-28th-National FFA Convention (Marketing and American Degree)

25th-27th- Parent Teacher Conferences

November 2017

7th- District Ag Sales, 2:30pm @ Eagle Point HS

8th- Host State Officers

9th- State Officer Visit (2 Teams)

9th- Spaghetti Feed and Dessert Auction, 6pm Crater Student Center

10th- Veteran’s Day (NO SCHOOL)

14th- FFA Meeting, 6:45pm Rm. 208

15th- Fall membership roster due

18th- State Ag Sales and State Veterinary Science, Hermiston HS, lv. and rtn. times TBA

22nd- Two-hour early release for Thanksgiving Break

23rd-24th- Thanksgiving Break

30th- Fall membership due

30th- End of Trimester 1

December 2017

1st- NO SCHOOL (PD/Grade day for teachers)

2nd- Crater Foundation Auction, 5pm Crater Gym (volunteers will be needed, OD required)

2nd-3rd- FFA Alumni Christmas Tree Sales, Aglab 10am-5pm

5th- FFA Meeting and Chapter Speaking Contest, 6:45pm in Rm 208

5th-9th- NAAE Conference (Advisor’s only)

9th- Eagle Point FFA Auction, 5pm Eagle Point HS Cafeteria

9th-10th- FFA Alumni Christmas Tree Sales, Aglab 10am-5pm

16th-January 1st- Christmas Break

January 2018

2nd- Return to school

9th- FFA Meeting, 6:45pm in Rm. 208 (Chapter speaking contest: Creed, Beginning, Sophomore, Advanced, Extemporaneous, and Job Interview)

9th- State Degree applications and record books (printed in binder) due to Mrs. Kostman by 4pm

10th- Westside Meeting (Advisor’s only)

15th- NO SCHOOL, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

17th- District Ag Teacher meeting (Advisor’s only)

19th-20th- State FFA Executive Meeting

26th- Submit applications and record book for District Proficiency to Advisor’s for approval 4pm

29th- NO SCHOOL (PD day for teacher’s)

31st- District Proficiency/District Officer Interviews and Elections- 1:30pm at Eagle Point HS, leave at 1pm and return around 7pm

31st- State FFA Scholarships and WLC Scholarships due to State FFA office (check for more information)

February 2018

3rd- Rogue River Beef Feed and Auction, 5pm at Rogue River Elementary

6th- FFA Meeting, 6:45pm in Rm. 208

7th-Westside Invitation, @ Hidden Valley 9:30am

7th-Path to the Purple Banner- Sheep & Goat Feed and Selection Seminar, Extension Office (Hanley Rd.), 6-8pm

8th- State Degree Presentations to Ag Advisory Board-6pm Ag classroom

15th- Spring FFA Roster/State Degree Apps/State Officer apps and letter due to the State FFA Office

15th- District Leadership contest-KFalls, leave at 6:45am from Aglab

16th- Set up for Crater FFA Alumni Auction, 4pm Expo

17th- Beef Field Day, 7:30am Expo Isola Arena

17th- Crater FFA Alumni Auction, Expo Padgham Pavilion 5pm

17th-24th- National FFA Week (activities throughout the week)

19th- NO SCHOOL, President’s Day

26th- Sectional Leadership CDE’s, Sutherlin, leave and return time TBA

28th- Path to the Purple Banner-Hog Feed and Selection Seminar, Extension Office (Hanley Rd.), 6-8pm

March 2018

3rd- Hidden Valley Auction, Hidden Valley HS, 6pm

3rd-Market Lamb tagging at Expo (FFA 7am)

6th- FFA Meeting, 6:45pm in Rm.208

6th- District winning Proficiency’s due

9th- End of Trimester 2

9th- Manuscripts, marketing plan and job interview materials due to State FFA Office (Advisor will submit)

10th-Southern Oregon Sale of Champions- 10am-5pm @ JC Expo

12th- NO SCHOOL (PD/Grading day for teachers)

21st-23rd- Parent Teacher Conferences

23rd-26th- State FFA Convention, Redmond, leave time TBA, return 6pm

26th-30th- Spring Break

April 2018

3rd- FFA Meeting, 6:45pm in Rm. 208 (Handout Chapter Officer applications)

6th- District Floriculture contest, leave 7am, Elkton

8th- Lamb and Beef Workday, 4pm @ Land Lab

13th-14th- State Exec. Mtg.

13th- Phoenix FFA Auction, 5pm in Phoenix HS Commons

17th- District Ag Mechanics 9:30am registration, Crater HS

19th-Market Goat tagging at Crater Land Lab (6pm-8pm)

20th-21st- State Floriculture, hosted at Silverton HS

21st-Market Hog tagging at Expo (FFA 7am)

22nd- Lamb and Beef Workday- 4pm Land Lab

25th- Eagle Point Banquet, 6pm

29th- Lamb and Beef Workday- 4pm Land Lab

30th- FFA Officer application due and FFA knowledge test and interview, 4pm in Aglab

30th- Rogue River Banquet, 6pm

May 2018

1st- FFA Meeting (Spring Fair sign-ups and officer elections), 6:45pm in Rm. 208

2nd- Greenhand Degree, Chapter Degree, and Proficiency Apps Due @ 4pm to Advisor

7th-8th- OSU CDE Days, Corvallis, leave and return times TBA (Ag Mechanics, Horse Judging, and Livestock Judging)

5th- Rotary Auction 4:30pm at Expo Padgham Pavilion (Officers)

6th- Lamb and Beef Workday- 4pm Land Lab

10th- Greenhand Degree, Chapter Degree, and Chapter Proficiency Applications due by 4pm to Advisor

10th-12th-  FFA Plant Sale, 9am-5pm

11th- Sams Valley Carnival Community Service (sign-up w/officers or advisor)

15th- American Degree drafts due for approval (ask Advisor for email to submit application)

16th- Hidden Valley Banquet, 6pm Hidden Valley HS

17th- Crater FFA Banquet, 6pm Crater Student Center

20th-Lamb/Beef Workday 6pm and Goats/Hogs 7pm, Land Lab

21st- Phoenix FFA Banquet, 6pm Phoenix HS Commons

28th- Lamb shearing, 4pm at Land Lab (must attend if you need chapter shears, no check-out will be available)

28th- NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day

30th- Lamb/Rabbit Pen Set-up, 4pm @ Expo

31st- Spring Fair Record Books Due for Sheep, Poultry (breeding), and Rabbits/Cavies, 4pm to Advisors

June 2018

1st-3rd- Spring Fair (sheep, rabbits and breeding poultry) at the Expo, schedule TBA

4th- American Degree final application due

5th- FFA Meeting (County Fair registration), 6:45pm in Rm. 208

6th- Crater Graduation, 8pm

10th-Goat/Beef Workday 6pm and Hogs 7pm, Land Lab

15th- Last day of school

17th-Goat/Beef Workday 6pm and Hogs 7pm, Land Lab

24th- Possession deadline for State Fair animals.

24th- Goat/Beef Workday 6pm and Hogs 7pm, Land Lab

28th-29th- District Leadership Camp (Officer’s only) at Camp Cottonwood, leave 5am and return 4pm

July 2018

1st- Goat/Beef Workday 6pm and Hogs 7pm, Land Lab

2nd-3rd- LBCC Livestock Judging Clinic- need to coordinate and register w/Mrs.Kostman


  • 2pm-5pm County Fair Record Book workday to Advisors-Ag Lab (Record book due 5pm)
  • 5pm Beef exhibitors meet at the school for set-up (Mandatory for all showing this species)
  • 6pm Goat exhibitors meet at the Expo barn (Mandatory for all showing this species)

8th- Goat Clipping-7pm at Land Lab and OPTIONAL WORKDAY MAKE UP FOR GOATS, HOGS and STEERS

8th- Swine Fair Set-up, 9am at JC Expo (Mandatory for all showing this species)

9th-15th- Jackson County Fair (please see FFA/4-H Schedule online at

26th-29th- Country Crossings Fundraiser- Parking at The FFArm

August 2018

1st-State Fair Registration Deadline (Register w/Mr. Miller at county fair)

2nd- Deschutes County Livestock Judging Contest, Lv. 11am, Rtn. 11pm

4th- Benton County Livestock Judging Contest, Lv. 5am, Rtn. 3pm

5th- Klamath Falls Livestock Judging Contest, Lv. 6:30am, Rtn. 1pm

6th-8th-  Chapter Officer Retreat, Lv. 8am, Rtn. Noon (Tenatively)

11th- Douglas County Livestock Judging Contest, Lv. 7am, Rtn. 3pm

15th-17th- Registration for school at Crater!

16th- Clackamas County Livestock Judging Contest, Lv. 9am, Rtn. 10pm

17th- Josephine County Livestock Judging Contest, Lv. 8am, Rtn. 2pm

22nd-28th- State Fair (Mr. Miller will provide schedule to participants and leave and return times.)

26th- State Livestock Judging Contest-Noon

(See State Fair tab on “Home” page for full schedule)

27th-30th- Teacher Inservice

School starts September 4th!