90 – 100% = A                   

80 – 89% = B                    
70 – 79% = C
60 – 69% = D

Grades are based on the students’ understanding of the 6th grade Common Core State Standards.  Most grades will be based on quick assessments, quizzes, and tests which are given after they have had a chance to practice the math skills.  Students will have an opportunity to check and correct most daily work in class, so I do not grade the majority of daily work. I do monitor students to make sure they are keeping up with the work, and assist them when they need it.

Students will have the opportunity to correct exams and quizzes for half credit.  They may have help with corrections, and must show all of their work (even for multiple choice items). Students should not write on their original quiz, but should make all corrections on separate notebook paper. The ultimate goal is for students to learn and become proficient in Sixth Grade Math.

Students have math notebooks they use for math notes.  Students are expected to keep these up to date and to use them as a resource to help with their assignments, quizzes, and tests.


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