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Spelling List for 4-17

by on Apr.13, 2009, under Spelling

regular- paragraph, trophy, nephew, enough, cough, fourth, Friday, physical, roughest, pharmacy, fragile, fluid, briefly, festival, stuffed, triumph, telephone, few

Challenge- misspell, misbehave, misfortune, misdirect, dishonest, discourage, disagree, disgrace, antisocial, antifreeze, antiseptic, reappear, rewrite, recede, nonsense, nonconformist, nonexistent, nonfiction

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Spelling Lists for 4-3

by on Mar.30, 2009, under Spelling

Regular- wrestle, wrong, answer, dough, unknown, knapsack, honor, listen, climb, half, island, talking, design, scratch, tonight, limb, knot, whistle

Challenge- admitted, answered, concluded, exclaimed, insisted, remarked, whispered, advised, blurted, commented, demanded, explained, mentioned, observed, replied, whined, screamed, inquired

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Spelling Lists 3-13

by on Mar.09, 2009, under Spelling

Regular- shoes, sure, sugar, musician, patience, mission, occasion, physician, tension, conclusion, constitution, caution, constellation, addition, fiction, position, official, glacier

Challenge- geology, geography, geologist, graphite, autograph, photograph, biopsy, biography, biosphere, transact, enact, actor, react, import, transport, portable, export

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Spelling Lists 2-27-09

by on Feb.23, 2009, under Spelling

Challenge- government, judgment, experiment, development, amazement, enjoyment, painless, tireless, humorless, effortless, powerless, colorless, successful, doubtful, cheerful, careful, grateful, thoughtful

Regular- scene, they’re, through, heir, clothes, byte, aloud, cruise, crews, isle, principal, principle, hour, knew, two, write, chute, reign

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Spelling Lists 2-20-09

by on Feb.18, 2009, under Spelling

Regular- kindness, darkness, happiness, loneliness, sadness, weakness, exactly, honestly, speedily, angrily, happily, friendly, especially, teacher, actor, liar, biologist, assistant

Challenge- mosquitoes, varieties,  beliefs, grievances, schedules, echoes, thieves, journeys, halves, passersby, substances, orchestras, pharmacies, sergeants, tomatoes, boundaries, instruments, encyclopedia

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Spelling lists 2-13-09

by on Feb.09, 2009, under Spelling

Regular- tried, weigh, piece, receive, their, fierce, neither, field, receiving, trying, hurried, siege, weighs, writing, tired, having, planned, worries

Challenge- audible, plausible, indelible, compatible, credible, sensible, profitable, durable, lovable, acceptable, predictable, changeable, infectious, curious, cautious, precious, vicious, numerous

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Spelling Lists 2-2-09

by on Feb.01, 2009, under Spelling

Regular-  eagle, example, towel, special, legal, little, whole, several, terrible, label, question, frequent, telescope, instead, instrument, celebrate, declare, address

Challenge- permission, impatient, dictionary, delicious, ocean, physician, establish, ambitious, surley, magician, conversation, inertia, ashes, official, sufficient, glacier, brochure, friendship

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Spelling Lists

by on Jan.28, 2009, under Spelling

Regular- signal, regular, generous, energy, bridge, genius, dangerous, segment, figure, country, circle, concert, peaceful, nice, since, electric, dancing, decided.


Challenge- magnificent, obedient, persistent, equivalent, florescent, incident, valiant, brilliant, ignorant, significant, reluctant, attendant, dormant, vigilant, radiant, immigrant, contented, prevented

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