Upcoming Events



Dear Parents and Families-


Here is a quick rundown of our upcoming events-

This Week-

Book Fair

10-26 Shrek Performance at Crater PAC

10-27 Halloween Carnival

Next week-

10-31 Halloween

11-1 Salmon Arrive

11-2 Sams Valley Mini-marathon

Future events-

11-8 Lava Beds


Thank you!

About charles.hadley

Meet your teacher Hi! My name is Charles Hadley. I’m very excited to be your teacher this year. I know that we will have a great time exploring and learning here in room 10! Let me tell you about myself. I live in Central Point, but was born in Texas. I am married to a wonderful lady named Elizabeth and we have a five year old little girl named Kaitlyn and a 16 month old baby boy named Colton. One of my best friends is my big black dog named Major. He is so funny and I love to play with him. I started school going to Mae Richardson in Central Point. I then moved into Medford and went to Hedrick Middle School. There I played many sports and had a great time. From there I went to North Medford High School and played some football and ran track. You will soon understand that I love sports. You will probably see me and my wife at many local sporting events. My favorites are football, basketball, and golf. I have coached many basketball teams including Special Olympics for the past 15 years. I went to college at Southern Oregon University and graduated with a degree in Psychology. After that I went into the workforce did many jobs, including baking cookies at the Cookie Connection and driving tow trucks. After working for several years I discovered my love for teaching and went back to school and earned a masters degree in teaching. I have taught sixth, third, fourth, and fifth grades. I am happy to have you in our class and look forward to a challenging and fun year together. If you would like to know anything else about me just ask!
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2 Responses to Upcoming Events

  1. Paiten Tallman says:

    If I from away from home to the the woods this is what I would bring. First I would bring a LOT of water and clothes . Without water I would die in a couple weeks. Without clean clothes they would get dirty and start to stink. Second I would bring a LOT of food. I also need food to live. Third i would bring a LOT of blankets ,and tools to build a fire and shelter. I hate being cold ,and shelter so that way I would not get rained on. These are all the things I would pack if I were to run away from home.


  2. Kennedee says:

    If I were to run away to the woods I would bring these things. First I would bring some water and food. Like fruits and veggies. Next I would bring my phone. Then I can entertain myself and not get bored. Last I would bring books. I can learn things from them so I can survive. Theas are the things I will need to stay alive. by: Kennedee Englehart

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