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This week in Social Studies we will be learning about Prince Henry the Navigator and Christopher Columbus.  Prince Henry, interestingly enough, is called the navigator though he never sailed on anyof the voyages he sponsored.  Do you know why he is called the Navigator?  Christopher Columbus is given credit for discovering America, but do you know who actually realized that what Columbus found was an unknown continent and not Asia?

Prince Henry the Navigator

Prince Henry the Navigator

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Meet your teacher Hi! My name is Charles Hadley. I’m very excited to be your teacher this year. I know that we will have a great time exploring and learning here in room 10! Let me tell you about myself. I live in Central Point, but was born in Texas. I am married to a wonderful lady named Elizabeth and we have a five year old little girl named Kaitlyn and a 16 month old baby boy named Colton. One of my best friends is my big black dog named Major. He is so funny and I love to play with him. I started school going to Mae Richardson in Central Point. I then moved into Medford and went to Hedrick Middle School. There I played many sports and had a great time. From there I went to North Medford High School and played some football and ran track. You will soon understand that I love sports. You will probably see me and my wife at many local sporting events. My favorites are football, basketball, and golf. I have coached many basketball teams including Special Olympics for the past 15 years. I went to college at Southern Oregon University and graduated with a degree in Psychology. After that I went into the workforce did many jobs, including baking cookies at the Cookie Connection and driving tow trucks. After working for several years I discovered my love for teaching and went back to school and earned a masters degree in teaching. I have taught sixth, third, fourth, and fifth grades. I am happy to have you in our class and look forward to a challenging and fun year together. If you would like to know anything else about me just ask!
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  1. Halli says:

    How Prince Henry got called the Navigator!
    Prince Henry is called the navigator because he did some searching by looking at the stars and the sky and made a navigator that told him wherever he was even at sailing times! After that he built a Navigator school so he could teach people how to navigate. Thats how Prince Henry got called the Navigator.

  2. charles.hadley says:

    Nice job Halli. Do you remember the name of the tool that allowed him to know where he was sailing? Thanks for using the new site.

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