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About charles.hadley

Meet your teacher Hi! My name is Charles Hadley. I’m very excited to be your teacher this year. I know that we will have a great time exploring and learning here in room 10! Let me tell you about myself. I live in Central Point, but was born in Texas. I am married to a wonderful lady named Elizabeth and we have a five year old little girl named Kaitlyn and a 16 month old baby boy named Colton. One of my best friends is my big black dog named Major. He is so funny and I love to play with him. I started school going to Mae Richardson in Central Point. I then moved into Medford and went to Hedrick Middle School. There I played many sports and had a great time. From there I went to North Medford High School and played some football and ran track. You will soon understand that I love sports. You will probably see me and my wife at many local sporting events. My favorites are football, basketball, and golf. I have coached many basketball teams including Special Olympics for the past 15 years. I went to college at Southern Oregon University and graduated with a degree in Psychology. After that I went into the workforce did many jobs, including baking cookies at the Cookie Connection and driving tow trucks. After working for several years I discovered my love for teaching and went back to school and earned a masters degree in teaching. I have taught sixth, third, fourth, and fifth grades. I am happy to have you in our class and look forward to a challenging and fun year together. If you would like to know anything else about me just ask!
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65 Responses to Room 10 Blog

  1. KATIE 6 grade says:

    Hey mr.h its katie and i wanted to know wich teacher you were talking to also i might not work in your class because i don’t know how i’ll get there but jayda will probibly be there this week or maybe next week.bye!

  2. Jayda 6 grade says:

    hey mr h its jayda i can’t wait to see you again.(just to let you know its going to be sydnee m’s b-day on friday novembor 20) well i will talk to you later.

  3. Blake says:

    Hi Hadley hows it going who am I going to sit by in the groups

  4. morgan says:

    hi hadley. you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you were the best teacher in the world.

  5. SyD says:

    Heyyy Hadley how is this years little monsters!!! haha
    Love ya! Syd

  6. J'Lyn Reed says:

    hi mr.hadley

  7. kaylena hoag says:

    hey I miss my classroom!!!!

  8. kaylena hoag says:

    im going to miss my 5th graders

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