Spring Conferences!

To schedule a spring conference, click on the “Spring Conferences.” tab (above). These conferences work somewhat differently than those in the fall: rather than full, sit-down meetings, students “exhibit” their portfolios (this is different than the school-wide Exhibition Night on April 26th). To view the portfolio, receive the report card/progress report, and chat briefly about your child, you can simply “drop in” during either of the two open sessions. However, if you feel a full traditional conference is necessary, you may schedule a specific time by following the directions on the “Spring Conferences” page.

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Happy New Year!

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Good morning and Happy New Year!


I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing holiday with your families!


Thank you to all of the families who braved the cold to meet me at the river to release our class pets.  We released nearly 80 salmon to the Rogue River.  This is one of the best hatchings I’ve had in ten years!


January – March is my favorite time of the school year.  This is where we really roll up our sleeves and get to work.  Our first big project is the author study.  Kids chose their authors yesterday.  The assignment description that I gave to them is copied and pasted to the bottom of the email.


The end of the month also brings us music and DARE will be starting soon.  Exhibition is scheduled for April 26th and kids will begin the process of brainstorming ideas in the coming weeks.  Busy times!


Our next field trip is the Josephine County tree plant on Friday, February 7th.  I will be looking for a handful of volunteers who don’t mind getting their hands dirty.


That’s all for now.  Have a great day!


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Fact Car Rally Winners!

Congratulations to Jennah and Morgan for being the first to complete this year’s fact car rally.  They will enjoy fresh donuts in the morning!  Great job you guys!

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The Alevin are here!  We’ve had a very successful hatching of our salmons eggs!  I’m estimating about 90% hatch rate which is outstanding!  I’m looking at a tentative release date of December 22 at Touvelle Park.  Keep checking back for more details.

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Thanksgiving Week update

Please be aware of our Thanksgiving week schedule.  Happy Holidays!

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Our Class Pets Have Arrived!

Our class pets have arrived!  This year our kids will be working with ODFW to study our native salmon population.  We will be raising 100 salmon from egg to fry, and then release them in mid-December.  Keeping checking back for updates on our new friends.

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Conjunction Junction What’s Your Function

This week’s Super Sentences have focused on the use of joining words or conjunctions.  Please enjoy the creativity of your kids by reading the comments below.

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Survival Crates Perfect Paragraph

Students- Type your perfect paragraph by clicking on the comment button below.  Parents- Enjoy the creativity of our kiddos.

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Upcoming Events



Dear Parents and Families-


Here is a quick rundown of our upcoming events-

This Week-

Book Fair

10-26 Shrek Performance at Crater PAC

10-27 Halloween Carnival

Next week-

10-31 Halloween

11-1 Salmon Arrive

11-2 Sams Valley Mini-marathon

Future events-

11-8 Lava Beds


Thank you!

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2018 Fall Conferences!

Hello!  It’s time to sign up for your student’s conference.  At the conference we will discuss you student’s current progress, individual goals for the 5th grade, and upcoming activities.  Signing up is easy.  Simply click on the link below.  It will take you to a schedule/spreadsheet, choose a time that works for you, and fill in you name.  That simple.  However, technology isn’t always perfect.  If you have a problem signing up, shoot me an email with the time you’d like and I’ll put it in for you.





2018 Fall Conference Schedule

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