Attendance 541.494.6312 (Lisa) 541-494-6319 (Paula)
CAHPS Fax 541.494.6367
Number during summer  541.494.6354 (BIS office)
Julie Howland

Julie Howland

Principal [email]
Paula Derleth

Paula Derleth

Secretary to Principal 541.494.6319 | [email]

Michelle Cook

Student Services Coordinator [email]

Lisa Van Sickle

Front Desk, Attendance Secretary

Secretary to SSC

541.494.6312 | [email]
TEACHERS  Syllabus Links  Email Links

Chris Arnold

Team Integrated English & Social Studies II (10th Grade) [email]

John Beck

Head Football Coach

Intro to Law, Mock Trial,

Physical EducationSpeed & Strength,


Ed Easton

Senior Internship Coordinator

AP English Literature, English IV, Senior Seminar,


Andrew Ensslin

AP Human Geography, Senior Seminar, AVID 9th/10th [email]

David Epperson

 Team Integrated English & Social Studies I (9th Grade) [email]

Sharon Bruce

Spanish [email]
Greg Haga

Greg Haga

Physical Education, Health 1, Health 2, Nutrition & Fitness [email]

Eric Hamilton

 Global Studies, English III,  AVID 11th/12th [email]

Melinda Heiner

Biology A, Biology B Anatomy & Physiology, Zoology, Marine Biology [email]

Karilu James

Team Integrated English & Social Studies II (10th Grade) [email]

Erik Kenner

Physical Science , Forensic ScienceFirst Aid [email]
Machelle Lindley

Machele Lindley

Special Education

Math Lab/ Bridge to AlgebraCollege-Ready Reading


Marissa Martes

Algebra IIStatistics [email]

Kara Merritt

Pre-calculus, Geometry [email]

Jim Miller

Intro to Agricultural Science, Vocational Welding, Academic Lab, Ag Facility Management, Ag Leadership [email]

Rene Moser

Algebra I , Geometry [email]

Karen Oppenheim

Team Integrated English & Social Studies I (9th Grade) [email]

Mike Rooney

Algebra I , ChemistryAP Environmental Science [email]

Maria Strawhorn

Special Education

Resource ELA, MAPS ELA , Math Lab/College Ready Reading MAPS Math


Claire VanDerZwan

Art,  Sculpture, Digital PhotographyBody Toning [email]
Natosha Vaught

Natosha Vaught

 English III, Writing Lab, College Ready Reading [email]