General Update

We will be finishing:

  • the in-class persuasive essay on Lucky Lane School Dances
  • DNA molecules
  • Nutrition assessment from

Science classes, please remember to complete your paragraph describing what you have learned about DNA, which should be on page 61 in your Science Journals.

Happy Monday!

DNA Models

dna2Did you know that each human cell contains 46 chromosomes, and that those chromosomes contain about 3 billion pairs of nucleotides that code for the instructions to build each person?  (Talk about a complicated recipe!)

It is DNA synthesis time, and what better way to finish the week, then to try to assemble the impossible “secret of life” as Francis Crick is credited with saying to his partner Thomas Watson when they figured out the structure and shape of the DNA molecule.  The double helix, or twisted ladder shape they discovered with the assistance of model building and x-rays of the DNA molecule taken by Rosiland Franklin.

We are doing our best to recreate the shape with base pairs of construction paper, paper clips, and glue.  You could say the nucleotides were flying in here just minutes ago.

Pictured is a group  of four base pairs that are beginning to assemble.

Random Thoughts

Some days seem to go easily, and one just doesn’t seem to understand why.  My students summarized,  in great detail, information they’ve learned about DNA, in our science class discussions.  Then, my Language Arts class settled into finishing their persuasive essays.  And, now, I’ve nearly finished all of the grading I must do today!   Yep, some days, just seem  to go easily…  I wonder if the dishwasher will be unloaded when I get home?

By the way, thank you to all of those students who continually do the right thing, make the right choices, and make Hanby so much fun!

Language Arts Question

Forgive me, but I have not yet had time to develop a special section for the Language Arts class.  However, here’s an extra credit opportunity for you!  Submit either the opening paragraph, or closing paragraph from your recent essay regarding school dances!

Ethos Logos Pathos!

Ms. U.

RE: Science Today Question

Wow!  Thanks for all of the support and correct answers to today’s extra credit question about tRNA!  Clap Clap, Good Job! 

Yes, tRNA brings the appropriate amino acid to the ribosome to make proteins.  (Are you guys impressive, or what?)

Ms. U.

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Today, I am beginning to advertise my blog, and several students seem to be getting interested in making comments. Great! I so enjoy reading your comments and look forward to seeing your approved comments on the web.

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Sunrise over Gold Hill

I just marvel at how truly beautiful the location of this school is.  Look at the beautiful morning colors to the west of our school.

Have a great day!  Morning Sky

Winter Book Club

We just finished reading Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli.  Students met with me two days a week, for the first six weeks of this trimester, then read on their own during Reading Workshop.  We enjoyed great discussions on the themes from the book including homelessness, tolerance/unity, and friendship.

If you were involved in the book club, and would like to make a comment, or discuss the book, please feel free to leave a comment.  Also, a thank you to Robin McMillan who helped to facilitate the club’s first few meetings.

Today in Science

Today, we are revisiting ribosomes and protein synthesis.  We are using a relay analogy to try to make this subject a bit easier.  I will try to upload a photo later in the day.

Question for the day.  Worth 2 extra credit points:

What is the job of tRNA?

To submit an answer, please send your comment to this page.  You may use first name  and last initial to keep your identity somewhat mysterious.  I will upload correct submissions.

Science Journals

Please turn in Science Journals if you have not yet done so.  This is worth 85 points, and will significantly affect your grade if you neglect this.


By the way, super job on journals:  Jenna, Anna W., Nathanial!