DNA Models

dna2Did you know that each human cell contains 46 chromosomes, and that those chromosomes contain about 3 billion pairs of nucleotides that code for the instructions to build each person?  (Talk about a complicated recipe!)

It is DNA synthesis time, and what better way to finish the week, then to try to assemble the impossible “secret of life” as Francis Crick is credited with saying to his partner Thomas Watson when they figured out the structure and shape of the DNA molecule.  The double helix, or twisted ladder shape they discovered with the assistance of model building and x-rays of the DNA molecule taken by Rosiland Franklin.

We are doing our best to recreate the shape with base pairs of construction paper, paper clips, and glue.  You could say the nucleotides were flying in here just minutes ago.

Pictured is a group  of four base pairs that are beginning to assemble.

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felix wJanuary 30th, 2009 at 3:11 pm

January 30,

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