Moon Phase Project Begins Next Week!

Please photograph full moon today if possible for upcoming project.  Moonrise in Medford today at 7:11 PM

To photograph moon, be sure to have an object within the frame near the moon, examples a tree, roof line, bird,  plane, street light; hold keys “near” moon in photo frame.  Save pictures.  More info to follow.  Please do not send them to my email!  🙂

Links for Mini-mini-mini Research Report

“Land on Pluto”

Pick one planet.  Find 10 facts.

Choice 1: Poster (1 or 2 pictures, neat, colorful, title or slogan, 8 facts as bullet points)

Choice 2: Mini-Report (be sure to use own words) cite sources

Choice 3:  Letter from the planet describing it as if you are there.  2 – 3 paragraphs.  Make is sound exciting.

choice 4:  Cinquain.  (I have the form, should have 8 facts (will fit into format)

Choice 5:  List ten facts as short points (make bullet point look like the planet!)

May type or use computer graphics, or own drawings.  May hand write.  Glue to page 8.

Grading:  Science 8-10 facts (20 points)

Artistic Expression (5 points)

Extra Credit:  (based on going above and beyond! up to 5 points)



Welcome back to school!

Sometimes nature “takes my breath away” – maybe it was the smoke, but it sure made the sunset gorgeous last week!

Organelles in the Cytoplasm – PBSLearningMedia

Grape leaf cells 100X (thank you for the picture ~ Ani!)

A little fun before our test today…

Solar Ovens Project

Student (groups of 3 or 4) will be building & testing solar ovens the week of June 5th.  Please start collecting the following items:

  • shoe box (or something similar in size)
  • aluminum foil
  • black paper
  • masking tape/duct tape/packaging tape (scotch tape is not strong enough)
  • plastic wrap, or plastic sheets (please tape edges for safety before bringing to school)
  • Any cutting needs to be done at home with adult supervision/help
  • shelving, etc. is helpful
  • hot pad/oven mitt
  • dutch oven, covered pan, or baking bags to keep food “clean” while heating
  • For smores:  marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers (most can be purchased from the dollar store).  Keep sealed & in lockers until use on Thursday, June 8.

There is not space in the classroom to store supplies, until that week.  Food should be kept in lockers sealed to keep out ants!


Thank you for your support!

Alison Richards

6th Grade Science

Scenic Middle School

Test make-ups

If students wish to improve grade to C-, he/she must meet with me during Ac. Lab to go over the test, and retake some of the questions.  No later than 05/16.

See calendar for upcoming assignments!

Trimester II late work due NOW

Due to the large volume of late work from students, please, all late work is due NOW, and no later than by Tuesday, March 7th, in order to have time to grade and enter into Synergy.  Thank you.

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