Mass, Volume, Density

We are exploring properties of matter.  Today students became familiar using a triple beam balance to get the masses of several objects.  I told them they all “graduated” on using the triple beams successfully.  Next week, we will be using our skills to determine the density of 9 different blocks and determining their identity based on our measurements, calculations, and density charts.  Be sure to ask your kids about this lab (next week)!  It is usually very popular.

Atom Exploration

Happy New Year 2017!

Wishing all of you a very restful, joy-filled, warm, Winter Break!

Re-posting one of my favorite winter websites – Enjoy!

Moon Phase Project Due Nov 21


Nearly full moon looking East, as sun is setting in the West!  Big, bright, beautiful, almost the Supermoon!

Students can use my pictures if they were unable to see the moon themselves (impossible???).



Tides versus Moon Phases



Look for the Moon Today!


I hope you saw this beautiful Waxing Crescent Moon last night!  We could actually see the portion not directly illuminated by the sun giving this moon 3D coolness!  Also, to the left, though not well seen in this photo, we could see Venus (the evening “star”), and Saturn was also visible, but super tiny (probably 4 pixels in this picture)!


Keep looking.  I hope the sky clears up tonight (Nov 3).

Okay, here’s your chance!  Look for the moon somewhere on a line left of the sun!


Also, check out this great article on other super sky events this month!

Here’s the moon from 9:30 A west (picture is sideways sorry!)


Moon Crater Lab due Friday

Lab data in class on W & Th.  If unable to collect data, come to A7 during lunch or AL to complete. Packet due Friday.

Moon Phases Project due 11/18

20151026_182153_resizedAsk student to see rubric and instructions.  Also, follow this link for more information about moon phases, moon rise and set times.

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