04/17  collision lab due Wednesday.  (accurate completion of both sides of pg. 1 = C)

Retake of physics calculations portion of test this Thursday.  Students are solving a group problem demonstrating instantaneous velocity, average velocity, and distance traveled of a falling object.

04/07 Whirligig Lab was due 04/06

we started an online lab simulation on collisions/momentum transfer, to be completed on Wednesday, 04/12.

TEST on velocity, acceleration, momentum, etc. on Tuesday.  Will pass out study guide on Monday. 

04/03/2017: Welcome Back from Spring Break!

Homework:  pg 17 due Wed. ; Science Journal page 65 & 66 definitions and a paragraph

January 9, 2017  It’s great to be back at school!

Students are studying basic concepts of the atom!  Beam crossword puzzle due tomorrow.  (try for 80% complete)  worth 5 points.  Bellringer due Thursday.

December 5, 2016

Diamonte poem due today.  (We started this last week.) 10 points

Also, metric practice graph (meters) due tomorrow. 5 points

Nov 17 Packets due tomorrow.  Organize SJ due next Wed.

Projects due Monday the 21st.  Late projects lose 10 points each day.  End of Trimester is Dec.1 when grade book closes.

Nov. 15 Students are working on packets about tides and seasons due Friday.  Please make note cards and study all material for cumulative Solar System Test on Nov. 30.  Retakes Dec. 1.  Topics see Outline from class, and or table of contents in Science Journal.  LOOK FOR the MOON tonight! 🙂

Nov. 10

Look for Super moon and any phases this weekend.  Moon is approaching perigee!

In Science Journal, page 32, draw stick figure of you, or hat, sunglasses, etc. that represents you, and show both and neap and spring tides with appropriate moon phase. Be sure to include captions that describe what and why the tide is doing what it is doing.

Moon Phase project due November 21st.  Six paragraphs, chart of 16 phases, see rubric or email

Nov 8 Tide charts/graphs versus Moon Phases (Neap and Spring tides, ranges) Nov. 9th will study charts from Coos Bay

See post on main page.

Nov 7 Tides versus Moon Phases (text pages 378 – 381, Q 1-4)

Nov 1 – 4  Solar and Lunar Eclipse diagram, and venn diagram.  More info go to

Oct 31 Ask about cool aurora from Halloween storms 2003

Oct 18 Moon Phases Project info discussed at length in class.  Project is due 11/18.  Helpful link go to

Oct. 7.  Begin Moon Unit.  Moon phases activity in class.    Moon Phases Project info to be distributed on Monday.

Oct. 6:  Quiz on solar layers.  Homework graphing sunspots due Friday.

October 5:  Journals due this week!  Test tomorrow Study layers notes, cut/sort of outer layers of the sun, pumpkin puzzle (facts).

October 3 Journals due – checked in class.  80 points.  TEST on solar layers and fusion on Wednesday.  Study puzzle – sort, make index cards, match!

Sept 28/29/30 We’re studying the layers of the sun.  Ask your student which layer sends out solar flares!


Sept 26 Extra Credit Extra Solar Research due by October 7th.

LT Layers of the sun – match name to location, x word puzzle

Sept 22 Explore suggested sites.  Select area of interest.  Do extra credit on page 10 or 20.  Suggestion:  Focus on moons of other planets, describe features; compare distances, sketch and label celestial object of choice, read & summarize.

Sept 21  Finish Notes on Solar System.  Study Science Journal notes, finish all assignments through page 12.  Solar System test on the 27th.  Bring journal.  May use for last five mins. of test.

Sept 20  Notes in journal and reflection pgs 11 & 12.

Sept 19  Compare one planet to Earth.  Worksheet due Wed.

Sept 14 LT Scientific Method, HW write par. in SJ pg 14

Sept 13  Organize Science Journal – Homework complete Space Intro Page (3 pictures, 3 captions)

HW-intro page, bell due Fri

Sept. 12 pre-assessment (if you were absent be sure to see me in Academic Lab this week to take test)

Sept. 9 Lab (penny toss) probability versus possibility – in class

Sept. 8 Bellringer due 09/09 classwork

Sept. 7  Mrs. Richards’ intro letter sent home.  (keep it for reference – no signature required)  Procedures discussed.  Bellringer to be introduced tomorrow.  Due Friday (this is not homework, but review at home!)

Sept. 6  Please read and sign the Green Team letter ( green paper) and return it to student’s academic lab teacher -Thank you!

Sept. 1  Just a quick shout out to those of you that made it to 6th Grade Back to School Night!  Wonderful to see you, and looking forward to a super year!  (And, note to new 6th Graders – Don’t worry, the first day is really fun!)

August 31st.  Sitting here getting ready for Back to School Night for 6th Grade.  Excited to meet parents/guardians & kids!  Look here for (hopefully) a daily posting of homework assignments, project due dates, and notices.  Also, please watch for Parent Square notifications (another e-mail service we are piloting).  I am new to using that this year, and like anything new, I will have a learning curve.  🙂  I don’t know how to use it YET… but will persevere!


Detailed instructions will be discussed with your student on April 29th.

The following web sites may be helpful for your cell research project due May 18 click on picture on top left


The above sites are interactive and are definite musts for your research.  Be sure to take notes, and be careful not to plagiarize this project.  If the material is too complicated, then please ask for clarification.


If you find any real cool sites, please submit by copying and pasting along with a brief description to help guide us.  I will upload them after review.  Be careful not to do random searches into unknown territory.  If you add K12  it will often help alleviate taking you to some undesirable site.  However, the above sites are truly the best I’ve found.


Today:  Cell diagram labeling and short video from PBS on cell organelles.  We will look at cells under the microscope soon!

Update:  Pendulum grades are posted on Synergy.  Unfinished reports will be graded by end  of week.  Students have had an additional two week (already) to finish these.  🙁  Few have come in to do so.

We have just completed a quick tour of the classification of living things (taxonomy), and building blocks of cells (notes in journal).  Today they will receive  study guide for material they should know, in addition to their notes in journal, and bellwork from last week.  Test on this material will be on Wednesday, 05/04.  Students will be able to use their journals during the last five minutes of the test to check answers, but should still know material.


04/11 Pendulum Lab packet (yellow) due by Tuesday 04/12.  If in early (today) will get more feedback to help with write-up!

  • 04/12 Discussion about lab – take notes!!!
  • 04/13 Begin rough draft, instructions and rubric distributed.
  • 04/18 Final Draft, graph, rough draft and lab packet (all in folder and stapled) due
  • Worth 100 points!


Rough draft starts 04/13

04/08 Completion of data gathering. If you missed the Pendulum Lab, please come to Mrs. R. for instructions, lab packet, etc.  Data may be gathered during lunch (make an appointment), or during AL.  Final write up (100 points for lab, and write-up, more info to follow) will be 100 points.  You must have data to be able to proceed with the write-up.  Final write up due 04/18.

04/07 – 04/08 Begin Pendulum Lab.  Record data, and answer questions in packet.

Next week, we will take this information and put all together into a formal write up.  More to follow, but worth 100 points.  All will be done in class (04/11 – 04/13 or /14).

04/06  Begin Pendulum Unit (harmonic motion)

Vocabulary and Study Guide – finish on own, then glue in Science Journal pg 66, 67.

04/05  Brochure due today (see rubric for details on grading).

Glue Physics Toy Lab notes to Science Journal pg 65.  Bellwork due today.


03/30 bellwork due today, Brochure due Tuesday, 04/05; reference material and also use pp 218 -221. (Time given in class today.  You will be testing tomorrow and Friday in the library, so there is no more class time after today.)

03/28 Science this week will focus on Energy!

Notes pp 61, definitions pg 62 (KIM style), Bellwork (mini) due Wednesday


02/05 Study session for retake will be today during AL.  Signature on strategies and attendance at study session required to take retake test on Monday.  If you are absent, please submit any questions you have about the test via email.  I will try to answer them over the weekend or meet with me before school on Monday.

Today in class we are are reading pp 145 – 149 (Physical Sciences text book) and doing questions pp 149 q 1 – 3.  Copy Newton’s Laws into Science Journal pp 49.


01/27 Still grading journals.  Please be patient.

Homwork:  Finish Crossword (Jlab), symbol & numbers, atom drawing due Thursday.  Bellringer also will be collected in class!  ATOMS are cool.

01/23/2016  Journals due Monday!!!  Test postponed until Monday!!!

01/ 20/2016

Science Journals due next Monday.  See Table of Contents pgs 36 – 42.  (55 points).

TEST on density and deep ocean currents on Friday!  (50 points) Study notes in journal, KIM vocab on mass, volume, density & outline. 


01/14 Density reflection (directions sent home with kids) 5 paragraphs page 41 & 42 Science Journal.  To be collected with Science Journals due Tuesday (p1, p2) & Wednesday (p3,p4).


01/12/16 Density Lab using density blocks.  50 points – in class only.  Due Wednesday at end of class.  Be prepared for quiz on all topics studied related to density – volume, mass, properties of matter, and density of water.  Signed progress reports, lunch mini if not in by Wednesday.


01/05/2016 Complete packet through pg 14, skip 15 & 16 due Wednesday!  (25 points)

Happy New Year!  01/04/2016  complete packet (What is matter?) due by Wednesday.



12/08/2015  any 10 on metric chart due Wednesday; bar graph & kg. practice Worksheet is due today.

12/02  All late work must be in today.  Thank you!

Metric System introduction.  Complete your practice page tonight.

11/12/2015  Due to inclement weather a change to the  Moon Phases Project – You need only write about 4 moon phases.  Be sure to look beginning Friday in the early evening – look Southwest or left of the setting sun.


11/04 Difference between Solar and Lunar Eclipse (read and complete Venn Diagram 8 characteristics each side and 4 in common, minimum).  Due by tomorrow (11/05).

11/03 Bellringer due on Friday.  Moon Phases Project due Nov. 20!  (Moon is out right now and in last quarter 9:01, SW)

10/27 New Project:  Moon Phase Project due November 20.  This is something that takes time, and you cannot wait until its due to work on it!  See handout today!

10/26 Bellringer due Friday

Science Journals due P1 due Tues., P2 due Wed, P4 due Thurs, P5 due Friday

10/23 Science Journals due next week.  P1 due Tuesday, P2 due Wednesday, P4 due Thursday, P5  due Friday.  All late journals Friday.  Check table of contents, and finish all work, please.


10/19 & 21 Describe and label exterior solar features – in class.  Partners.  Know terms for testing.

10/20 Visiting 4-H High School student teachers – Laws of Motion & Cell Phone Distractions


10/15 Project due, late will be 10 % penalty.

Make up day in class.  Progress report for Science – parent/guardian signature tomorrow = 5 xc

10/14  Bell due Fri. ; x word, and project due tomorrow!

10/13/2015  see yesterday

10/12/15 Bellringer (20 pts.)  due Friday.  Homework; complete crossword, due Thursday (10 pts.) Project due Thursday!!! (100 pts.)

10/06 – 10/08  Bellringer due Thursday (8th); )Project now due Thrusday, 10/15 (due to project due date in Lang. Arts)

10/05/15:  Bellringer due on Thursday; Project due on Monday 10/12;

For conferences:  complete all pages from pg 4 – 11

10/01 & 10/02 Notes in class and mini quiz.  No HW unless needing to finish line 1 & 2 on chart of planets.  We will finish lines 3 & 4 in class on Monday and begin study of sun.

09/30 Introduction to Universe; Bellringer due Friday

09/28 and 09/29 testing

09/25 Friday: Goal Setting for SLC HW – one good one

09/24 Thursday: No HW

09/23 Wednesday:  Study for quiz

09/22 Tuesday:  Finish article 2, finish questions 5-7; due tomorrow

Pop quiz this week on Scientific Method – study definitions!


09/21 Monday:  No bellringer today; Questions 1 – 4 on Rock Mystery

09/18 Friday:  No homework!  Enjoy the nice weather!

09/17 Thursday:  Reflection on Scientific Method (2.5 paragraphs) pg 7

09/16 Wednesday:  HW complete pg 5 due Fri., bring SJ tomorrow, glue stick, colored pencils

Today Lab (Penny Drops H vs. T) due end of class

09/15 continue with pg. 5 as below


We organized Science Journals today, numbered pages, and so on.

Assignment, page 5, Intro to Science page:  3 pictures, 3 colors, 3 captions (keep in journal) due Friday

Bellringer due Friday, 09/18

09/11 Bellringer due

Lab and discussion (will be collected in class, no homework for science this weekend!)

09/10 Will introduce the Bellringer.  We do these daily, and I collect them on Fridays.  We didn’t have time the last two days (lots of rules, etc. first week). Kids get these today.  They are done in class on the day listed.

  • Introductory Letter (apple on book logo) sent home today.  This includes my syllabus/outline and a general description about my instructional style/methods.   Please read it over.  I do not need a signature, but if you have any questions, a quick e-mail might be the easiest way to get that answer.  (ALR)

AL turn in signed Green Team Classroom Procedures

09/09/2015  Well, I’m finding it a bit tough to put this in during class.  But, here goes now (it’s 3:09 p)

We discussed procedures and did a “meet new people” activity.

  • 09/08/2015  Please sign the Green Team Classroom Procedures and ask your student to give to their Academic Lab teacher (due ASAP).
  • Also, kids are encouraged to bring a water  bottle to class as it is getting pretty warm for the next few days.  (Drinking fountains are available between passing periods.)
  • Kids remember to bring a reading book for Academic Lab.  Library is open in the morning if you need to check one out!

09/03 Field Trip to Mars. Out of the office until September 8th! See you then!

09/02/ Back to School Night for 6th Grade (6 – 7:30 PM)  Hope to see you there! 🙂


Posting calendar information here, beginning today!



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