From class discussion today – WoW 6th Graders rock!


In response to portions of an article we read today from Quanta Magazine: Cells Talk and Help One Another via Tiny Tube Networks 2018;

From class discussion :

Why would it be helpful for a cell or group of cells to help another cell?

  • Keeps cells alive by splitting amount of protein each gets
  • If cells help each other, sick cell would not die
  • If one cell is sick, cure it, so disease doesn’t spread
  • Cells work as team, everyone participate; if one is sick, it can’t do its job
  • Keeps neighboring cells alive

What is the possible negative side to these tiny nanotubes (tnt)?

  • TNT connects sick to healthy, so disease could spread
  • Could take from healthy cells items they need; resulting “helping” cell getting sick or dying
  • Healthy cell loses and sick cell still might die
  • Some cells might stop working

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