Progress Reports and Late Work

Tomorrow, I am giving a class period (44 mins on Friday) to make up missing Late Work.  Late Work will be accepted, but does receive a 20% penalty unless there has been an excused absence, and then it must be turned in within a week from that absence in my classes.

I am noticing many students not putting in any time for Science homework, which is often just completing what was not completed in class.  I rarely assign additional “homework” in the traditional sense.  Please encourage your child to complete late work, and to spend a few minutes every night or so on Science.  The concepts we are studying may have not been presented before (unlike math, for instance, where the curriculum spirals, and builds), often times new units in Science are truly all new material.  We do build concepts, like the recent unit which included metric measurement, density, deep ocean currents (which move due to density), and the “Mini” Ocean Lab.

Students that are doing well, consistently come to class prepared, ready to focus and learn, participate in class discussions, complete homework, and ASK questions during class, and come in at lunch to “fix” or re-do some assignments.  Please tell your student that expecting A’s in rigorous classes takes determination and “grit”.  I hope your are hearing about some of the interesting things we are studying.  Next week we will continue our unit on the atom.


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