Waxing Crescent

Feel free to use this for your project!  (My recent data to help you!)

This observation of the Waxing Crescent was recorded on Monday, Oct. 25th, at 7:06 PM.  The sun set about 30 minutes earlier (I could still see that setting-sun-glow just above the horizon, somewhat westerly at 253 degrees.)  I looked left of where the sun was setting, because I know from our studies, that once the moon passes New Moon which was just a couple of days ago (I should look that up for the project…), that the moon is orbiting in prograde motion, that is counterclockwise from the Northern Hemisphere.  At any rate, there it was – the moon, in the SW at 212 degrees.  And this is exactly what is expected, that a waxing crescent of this size, is seen approximately 45 degrees from the sun and to “its left” in the sky.  (By the way, I was hoping all of my students were outside looking at and photographing the same moon phase!)


Note:  Students may use my data for this moon phase, but please the writing and so on needs to be different from my example!  

Mrs. R 🙂


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