Recent Test Grades and Moving On

I talked with students today about the importance of focusing on learning every day in the Science classroom, about taking a few moments often, daily?, to study what we’ve learned.  I talked about students slowing down when taking a test (they had 53 minutes, and many finished in 15 minutes) to think about all of the answers (in a multiple choice test) and to choose the best one.  It might be interesting to know, that students were also allowed to check their answers during the last 5 minutes of the test using their Science Journals (which I told them to bring) and the majority of students chose not to use these.  (By the way, about 10 % of the students scored 100%.)

First test scores help students understand the types of questions to be prepared for (also, many questions were similar to Bellringer questions and closely discussed in class) – I always try to get kids very ready for tests, but some of this is a skill that kids need to develop (which, I believe, is what sixth grade is for), and to be more ready and focused in future learning.  Also, I told kids to keep in perspective the total number of (data) points that will make up the final grade.  (We’ve still got about 500 points to go, so one test score is not the only indicator for the final grade .) Although, some of you saw otherwise for a few hours today.  Again, sorry for the Synergy mix up on my part. 

Finally, extra credit is student directed and can take many forms.  I can offer up to 10 points to each student, and no more than 2% of the final grade (and all regularly assigned work must be turned in).  I suggested to one student to look up information about Alpha Centauri, our next closest star, and to present that information to the class.  There will also be an opportunity to earn extra credit in our upcoming Moon Phases Project which we will launch on Tuesday.

I hope this allays some concerns, and puts us on to current learning so we don’t get bogged down still studying the sun – although it will keep on shining!


Alison Richards 🙂

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