Richards’ Science classes – Last day for late/all work is Friday, June 7

More about pendulums

Forces & Motion Basics Simulation

use this link

Packet due: Wednesday

Extra Credit idea for T3

Extra Credit Idea for Trimester 3

Write an acrostic poem for the word force

Have a sentence for each letter of the word force that relates to this topic. (Add an illustration).






Trimester 2 almost complete!

Late work due by Wednesday, March 5th.  Sorry, grading is taking much longer than expected.  Be sure your Science Journal has been turned in.

Thermohaline Current

Be sure to finish page 66 Define Global Conveyor Belt, and how it is related to density.

use the link above, take notes on page 72 in Science Journal

Create Box of Crayons Analogy

sketch six colors

Name each color a related topic to Thermohaline Current (like density for instance)

Select colors that relate to concept

Draw container and give slogan related to topic

Write a one paragraph explanation explaining concept and analogy.

Use plain white paper, to be glued to page 73 in Science Journal

30 points neat, six colors, slogan, on topic, paragraph

practice density

scroll down to density

Metric System Quiz – Friday, 01/18/19

Closed note but may bring decimeter ruler made in class.  Metric rulers will be available to use during test.

Physics – Trimester 2

We just (finally) completed our testing for our Space Unit.  Kids worked really hard studying, using Quizlet flashcards, marking text, and reviewing using a study guide.  Some students improved scores quite a bit, others, well, they’ve practiced the process, and the scores will follow eventually.  The recent test was used to assess overall learning, much like an end of year assessment.   The goal was 70% and about 50% of students made that target.  This is actually pretty good, considering the breadth of the exam, and the length of time from starting the unit (back at the beginning of the school year).

We are now on to our physics unit.  We begin with reviewing the metric system.  Students will learn how to accurately measure length, volume, and mass using metric units.  We will then begin a two week unit on density, where students will determine the density of 9 “unknown” cubes, and identify the substance based on their calculations (and measurements).

Next we will study the basics of the atom. And then we will begin our unit on Newton’s Laws – getting matter into motion.

Happy January!  Its been a good couple of days.  Kids seem rested.  Please remember to send a snack for afternoons for your growing kids.  Lunch is early (about 10:30) and I had a few sleepy/hungry kiddos today during that 6th period class.  Happy minds make good students.


A Richards


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