Seasonal Variability of Atmospheric Methane Confirmed on Mars!

Last Chance on Cell Project Credit during lunch on 06/01

Test is available for those who did not turn in cell project.  Maximum score possible is 70% (Projects would be 11 days late on 06/01).

From class discussion today – WoW 6th Graders rock!


In response to portions of an article we read today from Quanta Magazine: Cells Talk and Help One Another via Tiny Tube Networks 2018;

From class discussion :

Why would it be helpful for a cell or group of cells to help another cell?

  • Keeps cells alive by splitting amount of protein each gets
  • If cells help each other, sick cell would not die
  • If one cell is sick, cure it, so disease doesn’t spread
  • Cells work as team, everyone participate; if one is sick, it can’t do its job
  • Keeps neighboring cells alive

What is the possible negative side to these tiny nanotubes (tnt)?

  • TNT connects sick to healthy, so disease could spread
  • Could take from healthy cells items they need; resulting “helping” cell getting sick or dying
  • Healthy cell loses and sick cell still might die
  • Some cells might stop working

Cell Project Links – Project due date extended to May 21

Please see instructions sent home with students today (04/18) and or refer to Google Classroom

Note check due 04/23 & 24 (21 – 30 points) 1 pt. each

100 points for project

Late Work Snowball Effect

Any work from March must be turned in no later than Monday to receive 80 possible credit max.  Otherwise, it will count as 50% work.  We have moved on to Life Science, and having kids work on Physics at this point (over a month late) doesn’t help kids learn current material.  Any questions, please email me at


Thank you for the support!

Beginning Life Science Unit

Tentative due date for Cell Project 05/08. Watch for directions and rubric next Monday.  We are testing all day the Lang. Arts. SBAC alternating half of the students on either Tuesday and Wednesday; kids will be building and flying kites on their off test day during the math portion (incorporating a bit of math and science).  Materials were delayed in transit.

See Calendar for class due dates! Also, students should check white board in class!

From Monday – Snow makes everything so beautiful!

Can’t figure out to rotate!  Look sideways!

Quick reminder.  All late work for Trimester 2 is due by Monday, unless you’ve been on an extended absence due to illness or travel.  Please see me!

Lunar Eclipse 4:51 – 6:07 am PST Wed. 1/31

Take photos.  Look West for full moon!

Mini Ocean & Thermohaline Current

We are returning to our lessons on density & the Thermohaline Current.  Students will be reading about the Thermohaline Current from articles in class, and one was sent home today.  I am wanting to be sure that kids understand the relationship between density, temperature, salinity, the formation of the deep ocean currents, and the lab we recently completed (which simulates the motion of the Thermohaline Current).  Students will use this information to write a somewhat formal lab report – in class.  These will be available for your review during student led conferences in March.  Please encourage your child to read the article I sent home today and to mark five key facts on the article (with a star or highlighter, for instance).  He/she will be sharing with his/her cooperative learning groups tomorrow!

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