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The Student Spot

Posted by Mrs. Heppner. Comments (18).

Hey class,

Post your thoughts here.  I’m looking forward to reading what you think about what we’re doing in class, what’s going on at CPE, and other stuff too.

18 Responses to “The Student Spot”

  1. Mrs. Heppner

    Dear class,
    I have really enjoyed getting to know you over the past few days. Please post your favorite thing about third grade, so far. I can’t wait to read your responses!
    Your teacher,
    Mrs. Heppner

  2. emily

    my favorite thing in third grade is reading. by by.

  3. tyler e

    i like 3 grad MATH TEST

  4. Jordan

    my favorite thing about third grade is math.

  5. isaiahm

    ma favrit thangs dog baii

  6. tyler e


  7. Celina. R

    In third grade my favorite thing is the binders

  8. kane.i

    i like the gym.

  9. chris

    my favorite thing is pe

  10. logan.w


  11. mckayla d

    my favorite thing is math it is so much fun

  12. dawson.g

    MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT School is math and reading

  13. faith w

    My favorite thing about school is mre.heppner she is so nice i love her.

  14. riley

    my favorite thing about is math i thank math is fun

  15. Triana

    My favorite thing about school is math because I’m really good at it.

  16. lindsay

    my favorite thing about school IS math because I’m really good at it

  17. abbie.d

    my favorite thing in school is crsif its so much fun u are so much fun i like sinse math and my favorite culre is green my favorite anmol is a dog from abbie.d ps gdufhjfhjdhjhgfuyrfhgfuryuy

  18. Mitchell H

    My favorite thing is the binders

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